Reunion 2012

Stan and Judy Rourke from Kentucky with Jerry Rourke

Stan Rourke, Karen Pinder, Helen Webber, Joan Jardine, Audrey Hanbidge

The Rusk ladies

Audrey and Gwen

Judy Nisula

Cathy and Dave Walmsley (Hamilton side)

Justine Larcheron and Brendan Rourke

Kevin and Linda Rusk

Susan Brown and Alma Anderson (Aka Muma)

Robbie Robinson

Bob Rourke and Stan Rourke

The Stan Rourke family

Rusk siblings!!!

More Rusk's!!!

Stan Rourke, Heather Gregory and Betty Rourke

Ken Rusk and family

Dave and Marilyn Hill

Colleen and Tom Rourke with Jerry Rourke

Susan and Terry Rourke

Kevin Rusk's Birthday

Our Family Group-2012